Toastmasters Speech #2

Wednesday of last week I completed my 2nd Toastmaster’s Speach which was supposed to focus on having a good beginning, middle and end.  I kind of messed up on the end part but that was for lack of preparation.

My speech focused on Dr. Alessandra’s Platinum Rule which essentially states, “Treat others as they would like to be treated.”

Its an excellent concept, especially in regard to training and managing a phone support line.  When someone calls us they want help.  They expect a certain result.  When they join a training session they have an end goal in mind.  To be an effective trainer and work well in a client support role we need to key in and understand what type of person is on the other line.

Translating the concept to what I do on a daily basis someone who’s a Director doesn’t want fluff, they want us to get to the point.  They want numbers and facts.  An Intuitor