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Somehow through the randomness of the internet you’ve landed on my page. Over time this page has developed, shifted and changed. Currently, I’m working on a few things, including incorporating my knowledge of software training and training design into something that I can share with others to make their lives easier in their day to day jobs.

I work Full-Time at MetLife managing Training and Support for four different applications. Linked-in Profile.

I enjoy what I do and hope to do what I do for some time.

On the personal bio side of things: born in San Juan, PR and I’ve lived in NYC — Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens, Syracuse, NY, and Cidra, PR. I’m fluent in both Spanish and English. I have strong ties to my family in PR and travel there every year with the hopes of someday returning permanently.

Professional Biography:

MeJoanna Milanes Bartell has worked in the Insurance and Finance industry for 14 years.

After getting her BA in English from Syracuse University, Joanna ventured into teaching for two years in Puerto Rico. She enjoyed teaching and knew that empowering people with new information was something she enjoyed, but she decided that she also wanted to pursue her interest in technology. She continued her studies at Syracuse University where she received her MS in Information Systems Management.

She started as an Analyst and Developer at AXA-Equitable, moved into Business Analysis and eventually found that her interests and talents would be best suited in Training and Support. She began working at MetLife in October of 2004.

In January 2008, during her time as a Business Consultant at MetLife, she presented at the MicroStrategy World conference in Miami: How to Manage 3,000 Users with Two Business Application Owners. The focus of the presentation was the use of targeted training based on support call analysis.

During her time as Business Consultant, she traveled throughout the country for monthly internal company conferences and met with sales office management to present new application features, new strategies and discuss issues and concerns regarding the applications. This gave her the opportunity to build strong relationships with her users creating an environment of trust with the sales office management and corporate operations staff which she still maintains three years later.

Joanna published a Dice.com article for the Blog, In the Trenches, “Customer Support and Training Specialist” (September 2007) where she described the challenges of training users and managing a support line as a team of one. The article is currently available on her blog (http://trainingontech.blogspot.com/2011/05/dicecom-article-in-trenches-september.html).

Because of her experience managing support and training for the company’s internal MicroStrategy application, she was promoted to Manager and given a team of three, now currently five. Over the past four years she has created and improved upon the team’s support line processes as well as managed the training and support for four applications. She increased call response on the support line by three and reduced email response from one week to one day. While managing the support line she has also designed and delivered training on the applications that the team supports.

She believes that technical software training should be as hands on as possible and whenever possible fun and fluid. She uses her sense of humor and understanding of participants needs to keep their attention and hopefully have them leave her sessions ready to fearlessly put what they have just learned to action. She believes that users shouldn’t be intimidated by technology, they should be inspired.

She currently works for MetLife as a Manager of Training and Support for the field sales on marketing and customer management applications.


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