What will you leave behind?

With the recent events I’ve started thinking about what kind of memories I’ll be leaving behind.  After all, we’re only here for a very short time, and the memories we leave are all that will be left.

Most of us will lead ordinary lives.  We won’t be superstars, or famous athletes.  We won’t run for office.  We won’t change the world.  We won’t break world records.  Our mark is left in how kind we were to those around us and how much of us we’ve shared.  It’ll be just enough to pass some of ourselves for a generation or two and then move on into the past like the millions upon millions of other ordinary folk have done before us.

For the little bit of time and the little bit of influence that we do have, we should try to make it as special as we can.  Compassion and empathy can be contagious.  Kindness and generosity learned and passed on.

For me, what do I want to leave behind?  The same as my mother did for me.  I want to be an example to others of what it means to be selfless.  To give of myself as much as possible in service and in spirit.  Most importantly, to teach my son the same, so that he too can pass that on to others.